Happy Hounds of Artemus

build a world where all dogs are safe, loved, & valued



— We Foster & Fund

We need your help to continue on saving more lives. We rely 100% on donations and fundraisers and your donation will go towards the rescue, care, and medical needs of the dogs.


— We Provide Care

Our dogs are provided with love, food, medical care and socialization until adoption into their fur-ever home. We ensure all dogs have been spayed or neutered before their adoption.


— We Save Lives

Every dog we take in has the opportunity at a new, loving life. We take in high risks dogs from our area and treat them with love and care. Help us save more lives by donating or adopting today!


Happy Hounds was founded in Artemus, Kentucky.

The Founders noticed a great need for fosters and Rescues due to the over whelming amount of stray and abandon animals in the South Eastern part of the area. Unfortunately, in this area there are very little laws protecting animals against abuse and abandonment. This causes a major issue. It leaves a door open for abuse and neglect. We at Happy Hounds are wanting to offer refuge for these loving and gentle animals.

We are on a mission to rescue and re-home as many animals as we can to loving people who will see and treat the animals the way they deserve to be treated. We want to show the world what a little bit of kindness can accomplish.

Please join us in our mission of rescuing these amazing creatures. We have many donation options to choose from and will offer regular updates to inform you of where your donation has helped! We Thank you for your time and interest in our Foundation! Please e-mail us with any questions you may have!


Our dogs are fur-ever family. Help support us in our mission!